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Installing a pergola in your backyard can provide much-needed relief from the scorching summer heat. You will enjoy the summer season like never before. And when it comes to installing a pergola, you should contact us. We have licensed and certified professionals who can implement the pergola design you want. In fact, it will soon become your favorite place to hang out with your friends during summer evenings.

Why install a pergola

1. Beat the summer heat

Installing a pergola can provide a cool shade in your backyard. If you don’t like to stay in your house throughout the day, you can spend time in your pergola without thinking of the heat. 


2. Beautify outdoor space

A pergola not only provides a cool shade in your backyard but also makes your house look beautiful. It significantly increases your home’s value if you want to sell it a few years later.


3. Easy to customize

We allow you to customize the pergola any way you want. You can decide the amount of shade you want, the materials, height, and area that the pergola will cover. 

How We Work

1. We start by asking you the area you want the pergola to cover. Accordingly, we can show you some of the top designs that last for years. If you have any specific design in mind, we would love to bring it to life. Our experts will check the design and take measurements to source the materials. Once you finalize the design and materials, we will start planning how to install the pergola and make it long-lasting.



2. Our engineering team sources the materials and starts building the pergola from the decided date. We always try to finish the installation within the ETA that we provide before starting the project. Our team uses the latest tools to quickly install the pergola so that you can enjoy spending time in it as soon as possible.



3. A quality control team checks the different parts of the pergola to ensure that it meets our quality standards. We only consider the pergola ready for use once the quality control team gives it a thumbs up.

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Pergola construction service

1. Pergola consultation

We provide a complete list of different pergola designs, their approximate costs, ETA, and longevity. You can then decide which design to install in your backyard. Alternatively, you can provide us a design and decide the materials you want us to use. We can follow your instructions and build the pergola of your dreams.

2. Pergola installation 

Our construction team keeps your instructions in mind while building the pergola. They use advanced tools to make the pergola sturdy and durable. It doesn’t blow away after a storm or heavy wind. The quality control team also checks the pergola to ensure it meets the quality standards and lasts for years.

3. Pergola maintenance

Apart from installing the pergola, we also maintain it on your behalf. We can come to check your pergola’s elasticity and tensile strength once every six months.

Call us if you want to install a pergola before the summer arrives. It hardly takes us a few days to install this work of art in your backyard and make summers more comfortable.

We are pergola building experts.

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