Fence Companies in Lehigh Valley

Lehigh Valley Deck and Fence are one of the premier fence companies in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania (PA). We work with wood, vinyl, chain link, ornamental aluminum, farm rail metal post railings, and more. For information on our prices or products for fences, call us today.


Our specialists are knowledgeable on the installation of your new fence. The installation service that we offer includes digging holes according to manufacturer guidelines so that you have quality posts that are sturdy on the ground. Furthermore, some people are concerned with their dogs getting out of their yard– that is a serious concern. Dog owners can be satisfied knowing that we offer a service to install fences with pet fencing so the dogs don’t get away.


Just bought a new house? Let fence companies in Lehigh Valley, PA add whatever type of fence you want to your property. For effective security and privacy, add a wooden or vinyl fence. If you want something more elegant looking, add an aluminum ornamental fence for enhanced curb appeal.


Our company also serves residential clients by helping them make their current fences look better. Whether you have an old wood or messy farm rails, some fresh paint and some elbow grease will do the job! We offer pressure washing services on decks, fencing, and gates.


Lehigh Valley Deck and Fence are aware of the fact that every fence is specific to the homeowner’s preference, so we offer a wide range of services to make sure you get exactly what you want. Our product catalog has a variety of fencing options well-suited to different homeowners’ needs and tastes, including:Fence Companies in Lehigh Valley

  1. Wood Fences – We carry Western Red Cedar, Hemlock, Spruce, Aromatic Cedar, Ponderosa Pine, Northern White Cedar.
  2. Vinyl Fencing – With many styles available from post & rail/board on board to picket fencing, vinyl fencing is low maintenance but still provides the privacy and security that you need for your yard or property
  3. Chain Link Fences – Constructed of tough, rust-resistant galvanized steel, chain link fencing is an economical choice that provides privacy and security. It is perfect if you are looking for a fence to keep children or pets in the yard at all times.
  4. Ornamental Aluminum & Iron Fences – These fences are sturdy, long-lasting, low maintenance, pre-assembled for easy installation, and available in many forms such as panel, post & rail/board on board, picket, split rail styles. They also provide the privacy and security needed for your property.
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